Lots of heat around the Internet about how athletic, outdoors, and surf brands are marketing to females these days. Spending all their budget on social media influencers and models instead of the actual athletes that live and breath their sports and all that.

Now Billabong has gone and pissed off a whole bunch more people with the way they are marketing towards women in sport. That above image from their website just confirms so many unfair stereotypes of men ripping the waves while the girls objectively lay out on the beach and wait seductively.

The basic jist of the authors argument is… “I get that sex sells, but just do better.


Click to MEDIUM for a rant entitled “F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you.”



BTW: Both of the girls below are ripping surfers. Wouldn’t know it by the way Billabong womens markets them on Instagram though. Barely an actual surf shot to be found on the entire feed. 


a d r i f t #BillabongSurfCapsule

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The path to our playground

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