Hopps is one of those staple East Coast brands. The three main dudes behind it – Jahmal Williams, Steve Brandi and Joel Meinholz – also manage to work day-to-day “real” jobs as well as skate and do all the business for Hopps. They are also part of the Theories Of Atlantis conspiracy that keeps the underground poppin’. Respectable riders and the brands vision are top notch and worth the support of skateboarders.

Jenkem grilled the three amigos in charge of Hopps. Here’s a taste:

“As long as there are people out there that care about the history of East Coast skating, then Hopps is always going to be one of the most interesting brands out there, even if they’re not racking up likes and faves like some of the younger brands. They understand that quality takes precedence over quantity, and, as opposed to constantly barraging us with #content from young guns and flow clones, we get a couple quality edits here and there featuring skaters with a long legacy in the skate world.”


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