It’s been a tough August for snowboarders that grew up feating on the mid 00’s. We lost and Cory Grove’s world famous Cobra Dogs. A modern day tragedy.

TWSnow looked back over it’s glory days that started as a joke and turned – somewhat – serious pretty quickly. Hopefully these non-snowboarding snowboard brands will continue to thrive in the future.



Earlier this summer thousands of hearts sank while stomachs simultaneously growled. The day started as a beautiful Sunday, and it wasn’t until midway through the morning’s Instagram scroll that the news of Cobra Dogs’ unsuspected summer absence sank in. Quite possibly the only hot dog stand that’s worthy of recognition would not be selling dogs for the first time in 12 years.

If you went to Government Camp, Oregon–just down the road from Mt. Hood and directly next to High Cascade’s old dodgeball court–you would find Cobra Dogs. It was every summer slider’s first choice for a post-glacier bite. For those that have dined at the culinary mecca, the small red trailer needs no introduction. In fact, the same is even true for many that have only heard fabled tales.

The operation itself, while physically small, was enormous in its reach and impact. It all began as nothing more than a joke, yet the prized hot dog stand turned into an empire overnight. People who have never even gone snowboarding know about Cobra Dogs. However, while accolades are easy, one must start from the very beginning to appreciate the true gravity of Cobra Dogs.




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