Halldór Helgason the longhaired, Icelandic, metalhead, pervert talked to TWSnow about concussions, getting kicked out of spots in Japan, breaking his ankle, the Olympics, and filming with Sage Kotsenburg for the snowboard movie Dayumm.

The wild Helgason brothers have been getting mad coverage as the 2016-17 season kicks off. Check out this Podcast with older brother Eiki Helgason that just popped.

Here’s the intro:

“Captain Harold and his filthy mustache have been on the couch, the gimp scooter, and the stationary bike all summer. But soon he’ll be back on his feet, his new video Dayumm with Sage Kotsenburg will drop, and life will be back to normal. Whatever normal means for a longhaired Icelandic metalhead pervert who claims, “I had no idea what the hell I was doing,” when he broke his ankle trying a triple cork backside 16 on a 100-foot jump.”


Halldór is getting old (25) by snowboard standards, but as he says he is still hungry:

How did the Dayumm movie come together?

Sage and I have been talking about it for like three years—just wanting to make something happen, and we finally ended up getting it through. It was really fun getting to spend the whole winter riding with Sage—he’s the man. I kind of felt like I needed a change, too. I was getting kind of stuck doing the same stuff with the same people and I just wanted to get a new inspiration and ride with new people. It worked; I got so pumped on changing it up. I think it’s important for me too. I don’t want to get too comfortable. Otherwise I just get lazy and think I can do whatever, whenever. With this project there was a bit more pressure—good pressure—and it was super fun.



Click over to Transworld SNOWboarding for the full Halldór Helgason interview. 


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