One thing that’s not to be messed around with in board sports is brain injury. It’s terrifying stuff. Out of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, the latter is by far the worst for high velocity head explosions. Helmets are more popular than ever now and are even being accepted – on a somewhat limited basis – by pro snowboarders filming parts. Head up any mountain though and be amazing at what seems like 90% of the general public wearing them. Good to see. Are you still riding bareback? Don’t be a dummy and head-over to Sandboxland and get yourself sorted.

Pyramid Magazine looked into the whole issue….



“For roughly the first 10 years of this century, wearing a helmet was up there with doing tindys as one of the uncoolest things you could do in snowboarding. Riders who did wear them were often ridiculed or made fun of and many riders refused to wear one. In fact this was so intense, when ex Forum pro; Chris Dufficy made his famous comeback in True Life sporting a helmet, some suggested that he wasn’t the same rider as he once was. Whilst some people weren’t backing him wearing a helmet, he was one of the first to do so and consequently we began to see a shift in attitudes towards them.
Fast forward to today where the tables have turned to the extent that non helmet wearers are the odd man out on the hill and the number of helmet wearers increases each season. It might be the evolution of tricks that are pushing this trend now with doubles, triples and even quads drastically increasing consequences or maybe its just a case of time changing the general perceptions. Either way, we wanted to find out how the popularity of helmets has changed and speak to different riders who are for and against wearing them to discover how things stand today.”



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