As new as snowboarding is in the grand scheme of things it certainly evolved quickly. SNOWBOARDER Mag is helping to look at some key moments of the last 30-years by checking in with former editors of the magazine. This one here is from Rob Campbell and looks at the later 90’s when riding was expanding past trashed flannel to urban influences and when riders like Peter Line started taking things into their own hands.



“The choice of SNOWBOARDER’s Guest Editors during that time says a lot about the era. Peter Line (January, 1999) commanded respect as one of the most progressive and stylish riders of the day. But Peter was far from the stereotypical snowboarder in appearance and behavior. Rather than condemn the commercial exploits of “The Man,” he took the entrepreneurial route by becoming a founding partner of Forum Snowboards. Instead of projecting attitude, Peter never took himself too seriously and leveraged his self-deprecating sense of humor to focus on fun. Mark Frank Montoya (January, 2000) provided a sobering slap of inner-city influence thanks to a smooth-but-edgy style that mobilized a deep crew of disciples who identified with “the streets”…even if they were the streets of Aspen in some cases. Mark was the first concrete example that snowboarding could appeal to new demographics and draw significant influence from non-alpine areas.”


Click to SNOWBOARDER MAG for Letters From The Editor: The Evolution Of Snowboarding from former ed Rob Campbell



Storage unit find. Pelvic thrust to fakie 1995

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