Finally! The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding is available to watch. The existential journey into the true life of snowboarders. We’re a bunch of quirky, strange characters that dedicate a good portion of our time to sliding down snow. Yet in that we find meaning and Jérôme Tanon figured out a way to translate that to video. Not an easy task as many have failed before. Speaking of translating make sure to hit the “CC” to get the english subtitles if you’re a dumbass North American that only speaks one language.
Here’s a brief on Sir Tanon:
“A snowboard photographer for almost 10 years, I have been filming everything I take a picture of (and much more) since the past 3 years. I am now putting together a supercut style edit, showing the backstage of snowboard movie making, as well as rising existential questions such as : “what the fuck are we doing here?!”. In the style of a philosophy exam, the movie will try to answer the question : “Is there anything truely beautiful?”, that is, in what we do, and what we are, pro snowboarders.”


Why don’t you go ahead and save the film on your computer so you can do your own screening. If you want your parents or significant other to really understand snowboarding play this instead of The Fourth Phase. Download it HERE. 


For more on The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding and its creator Jérôme Tanon check this.



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