The question ‘What makes a great or classic snowboard movie?’ is a tough one to answer. What made a shred flick great 20-years ago doesn’t really register any more. The Mack Dawg formula was perfect until it  was dated out by the Internet. The reviews for Travis Rice’s Red Bull funded extravaganza The Fourth Phase weren’t exactly stellar through no fault of his own. So unlimited budget and insane talent don’t make a movie an instant classic either. Robot Food made some bangers, but feel short on their attempt at a doc. It’s tough out there.

As White Lines brought up, “… mistaking the routine challenge of gathering next level material for an engaging narrative in its own right. The thing is: how snowboard films are made is often not that interesting.

It’s true. And it’s the trap that The Fourth Phase and many other snowboard movies have fallen victim to. As video crews keep making movies they get blinded to this fact and want to get across the pains and triumphs of the process behind making the movies. Mostly, we don’t care. We want the bangers!

So with this being said, could The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding be the greatest snowboarding documentary of all time? I’m certainly going to watch it to find out.


French photographer-cum-director Jérôme Tanon premiered a film last Thursday that might just be the final word in snowboarding documentaries. After 50 minutes of smiles, cheers and laughter there is literally nothing left to say about how and why these glorified stuntmen do what they do.”


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