Photo: Ryan Scardigli

Photo: Ryan Scardigli


A couple years back I went on a surf trip to Iceland for a month and it was the best time of my life. Every morning in the dark we’d pile in the cars and due to only getting an hour or so sleep the night before I’d fall asleep into the ‘time travel.’ Upon waking up we’d already magically be at the surf spot. It was perfect! It seems like it’s an Icelandic thing because Halldor is also a fan of the car time travel.

The Helgason’s – Eiki and Halldor – are more on top of things than ever this year with the release of two separate solo projects called Island Born and DAYUMM! respectively. The latter is viewable below and Eiki’s project launches December 5th. The zine is out now though.

These guys are the vikings of modern day snowboarding and no one keeps it more real. So read their latest interview on Snowboard Mag done by the illustrious Stan Leveille who spent a ton of time with the brothers last winter while working on Island Born. He was also taught how to win European snowboard premiere and it ain’t pretty.


Here’s a taste of the talks:

You’ve told me beer was illegal in Iceland until recently?

E: Since 1989. When I was born, beer was still illegal in Iceland. Only strong liquor was legal. They said that people went abroad to Spain or whatever and would start drinking beer and found it to be such a drinkable drink, that they would go crazy and drink so much. When people drink liquor they just pass out.

Do you find Iceland being influenced by America more and more now? Is that annoying?

H: Yes, and I don’t like it.

E: I think we take the best from USA and Europe and put them together.

H: I don’t know man; you can see that people are getting way fatter! It’s destroying the girls! [laughs]

Why did America have that influence?

E: Back in the day, people were all about the American dream. Going there and making a life.

H: For sure, everything in the US, you wanted it so bad. I remember there was this one kid who almost died because he was so hyped on this American gum that he choked on it. It was all about the candies and stuff. [laughs] We wanted them so badly.


Click over to Snowboard Mag for the full Time Travel interview with Halldor and Eiki Helgason.




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