Wavestorm’s. The Costco produced surfboard you love to hate, and hate that you love it. Admittedly they are very fun to mess around on and beyond annoying when some kook is out there on one when the waves are decent and either takes every wave or has no clue what they’re doing out there. Storm’s are also the best selling surfboard of all time. In 2015 it was reported over half-a-million had been sold! What does this say about surf culture?

Now The New Yorker is having their take on the phenomenon with the help of big wave surfer/Wavestorm’er Shawn Dollar. It goes into ‘kook’ this and ‘Hawaii charger’ that. Even the articulate Matt Warshaw was tapped for a quote because you can’t have a literary surf article written without his stamp.

Says big wave charger extraordinaire Shawn Dollar, who founded the ironic Wavestorm World Championship: “No matter who you are, when you ride a Wavestorm, you’re a kook. I don’t know, I kind of like being a kook.


Click to THE NEW YORKER for the feature on The Cult Of The Costco Surfboard




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