The Crazy Story Behind Israeli Pro-Surfer’s Military Draft Dodge | “I thought, I have to be the craziest one.”


Here’s the most crazy surf story you’ll read today. Ely Cassirer is a up-and-coming Israeli pro surfer that was looking down the barrel at 3-year’s mandatory military conscription in his home of Tel Aviv. That means he’d lose his abilities to surf the world and lose his dreams of making the WSL Tour between the ages of 18 and 21. If he’s lucky, as there is always the chance of a premature demise when going off to fight for your countries military.

After scoring perfect on his military scoring – no doubt thanks to being a fit surfer – how did he get out of it? Turns out temporary insanity has its benefits. Reading his account of how it all went down makes you think that Ely probably shouldn’t even be talking about this yet. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite him.



So then they came with an ambulance. They took me to a room at the hospital for, like, “unusual guys.” Just a bunch of crazy guys in one room. I looked in and thought, Holy shit. I looked some of them in the eyes and they were legitimately mad. I was so scared, because I really thought they were going to put me in a sanitarium. I had no idea what was going to happen. I didn’t have a plan, you know? My plan was honestly made during those two minutes on the bus. 

A guy would come in to check in, see if everyone is still crazy, no one’s bluffing. And I would just look at these other guys around me, and they looked crazier than me. I thought, I have to be the craziest one. I was in my chair, just squirming, banging on stuff. 

Then I had the idea to go to the bathroom, and not come out of the bathroom.


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