How good is that title pic of this weeks The Bunt Live skateboard podcast’s guest Windsor James waving a bottle of Hennessy in the face of the ‘sober’ Bam Margera and non-drinker Jamie Thomas. Classic.

That’s just the warm-up as Windsor goes buck with the Toronto Bunt boyz.


Here’s the breakdown:

1. Windsor James interview
2. Coming up in Colorado (8:15)
3. Gailea and Hastie influence (10:15)
4. Darkstar to Mystery (12:30)
5. Circa days (12:23)
6. Grant cut from It’s Time (18:20)
7. Mystery to Zero (22:14)
8. Muska beef (29:00)
9. Willy Grinds for days (33:20)
10. Baby Ice (37:00)
11. Dick troubles (43:00)
12. What’s next for Windsor(47:55)
13. Rapid Fire with Da Ghost (52:20)
14. The Post Office (57:36)
15. The Rundown (1:15:25)



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@windsorjames is in the booth for Episode 2, dropping this Wednesday!!!

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