The Bunt Live skateboard podcast is back with Canadian killer / bee keeping honey maker Magnus Hanson. One of the greatest skate rats to ever emerge from the west coast burns down some barns on The Bunt this week in Studio E. Good to see the Toronto boys still staying true to the Canadian roots and not getting all big name celebrity pro skater only.

Don’t forget The Bunt launched their webstore last week so go buy yourself a box of your own.


Here’s the rundown:

1. Magnus Hanson interview
2. The Infestation Squad in BC (5:28)
3. Young Booby Blessing (7:04)
4. Contest Savage (8:50)
5. The US Team (12:47)
6. Pro for Element (16:28)
7. Insta Beef (20:48)
8. Hanson Honey (30:00)
9. Cephas New Years Resolution (34:05)
10. Last Person On Corey’s Sesh (37:13)
11. What’s Next For Magnus? (41:25)
12. Rapid Fire With Da Ghost(46:04)
13. The Post Office (53:49)
14. The Rundown (1:05:30)



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Episode 4 with @magnushanson is now live!! Link in bio!

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