The Bunt Live Skateboard Podcast is finally back with Season 4. The boys are putting in work by creating four seasons in what seems like 12-months.

This time up it’s the first actual episode performed live in front of a studio audience in Toronto’s House of Vans. Sounds like it turned out pretty live.


Here’s the rundown:

1. Elijah Berle Interview
2. First Hook Up (8:35)
3. Tampa Am Curse? (11:30)
4. Pretty Sweet Part (14:17)
5. Cephas Pet Peeve (16:00)
6. Craziest Trip (20:29)
7. In The Streets W/ Wade D (29:30)
8. Vans Shoe Inspiration (32:36)
9. Jereme Rogers To The Rescue(33:33)
10. Clint Beef? (36:56)
11. Johnny Jones Disappearance(39:58)
12. SOTY over Kyle?(41:34)
13. Injury Report(44:37)
14. The Trunk Boys (45:35)
15. What’s Next For Elijah (48:15)
16. Rapid With Da Ghost (49:17)
17. Q&A (56:23)
18. The Post Office (48:14)
19. The Rundown (1:11:09)



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Episode 1 of Season 4 with @berlehaggard is now live!! Link in bio!!

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