The Bunt Live skateboard podcast is back with a big one… the canine loving Corey Duffel!

Corey is a G from way back and let’s loose with a 30-min plus non-stop ‘evolution or Corey Duffel’ story. Goes into his infamous Big Brother interview that made everyone hate him before he grew up, finally apologizing to his idol Ed Templeton for being a dirtbag teen, his fav ‘Canuck as fuck’ stories, going from Duffel to “Buff-el” and how his buddy Caswell Berry was the one that didn’t want him on Toy Machine. Heavy!


The Rundown:

1. Corey Duffel interview
2. The Begining in Walnut, California (6:36)
3. The Evolution of Corey Duffel (9:45)
4. Infamous That’s Life Bail (37:58)
5. Wrestling Coach Beatdown(41:03)
6. The Infamous Canadian SKate Midget (45:58)
7. Corey Buffel (51:06)
8. The Unhappy Shoe (52:34)
9. Skate Game Rivalries(57:23)
10. Born Again Skater (59:36)
11. Rapid Fire With Da Ghost (1:03:31)
12. The Post Office (1:08:13)
13. The Rundown (1:22:47)



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The roofs coming off Studio E for Episode 6, @coreyduffel is in the building!!

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