The Bunt Live Skateboard Podcast w/ Bryan Herman | “I had my 15th birthday when I was locked up.”


Studio E is burning to the ground right now as The Bunt Live skateboard podcast welcomes G-Code’r for life Bryan Herman. Woo!!!

One of the realest to ever do it, Bryan talks about that wild skateboard life. Life would have been much different for Bryan if he didn’t break into skateboarding and also if he didn’t make a shitload of money investing in Saint Archer beer with P-Rod and Mikey Taylor, etc. Well done homie.


Here’s the rundown:

1. Bryan Herman Interview
2. Back To The Beginning (7:21)
3. First Big Break (9:21)
4. Getting Thrown In WIth The Wolves (15:27)
5. Number Of CLassic Parts (30:57)
6. Anger Levels These Days (36:35 )
7. The Herman Compound (43:27)
8. Watching Antoine Skate(47:24)
9. Wanted For Murder (51:11)
10. The Gnar Bar Bryan Herman (52:21)
11.Hollywood 16 (54:54)
12. Icing Satiba (57:50)
13. Hardflips, Tre Flips and Nollie Inward Heels (58:54)
14. Waht’s Next (1:02:29)
15. Rapid Fire with Da Ghost (1:07:25)
16. Post Office (1:16:37)
17. The Rundown (1:32:26)







Episode 11 with @bherman is now live!! Link in bio!

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