Season 5 of The Bunt Live skateboard podcast is wrapped up with this absolute barn burner with Alex Olson. The skateboarder birthed from skateboarder royalty to become the poster boy for skate fashion model cool guy who claims he’s, “not a cool guy.”

Already missing The Bunt, but you know they’ll be back to cracking their Steam Whistle’s within a few weeks. Woo!


The breakdown:

1. Alex Olson Interview
2. Growing Up WIth Pro Pops (8:35)
3. First Break (11:34)
4. Time On Girl (20:33)
5. Leaving Girl For 3D (28:19)
6. Dylan Rieder Memory (41:02 )
7. Modeling Career? (50:35)
8. Cool Guy Cirlce (53:10)
9. SOTY Predictions (55:55)
10. Proper Full Length Video (1:00:06)
11. What’s Next (1:05:12)
12. Rapid Fire with Da Ghost (1:06:33)
13. Post Office (1:12:05)
14. The Rundown (1:24:29)



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@olsonstuff bout to bring them gunshots for the Season 5 finale!! Prepare yourselves!

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