The Bunt Live is back! You know what the fuck it is, eh!

They ain’t smashing that data anymore or jacking beats. Shit is legit on iTunes now and they came in hot with conspiracy theorist/skater Spencer Hamilton.

For more on the guys behind The Bunt Live – Cephas + Donovan – check out this feature interview we did where they fired some shots!


Here’s how Spenny’s talk breaks down:

1. Interview with Spencer
2. Moving to Vancouver as a youth (6:24)
3. The back injury (8:50)
4. Health vs The Party and non-alcoholic beers(14:30)
5. In the Streets with Wade D ft. Wes Kremer (18:10)
6. The family (21:06)
7. What happened with Expedition 1 (23:20)
8. What’s next board wise (29:30)
9. New look Supra Shoes team (31:01)
10. New shoe colour way for Supra (32:24)
11. Conspiracy theory life (33:24)
12. Mitch Barrette (36:34)
13. Post Office (38:27)
14. The Rundown – Bolt or Phelps, UFC 202, Draymond Green vs Snapchat (43:18)


If you missed out on previous episodes of The Bunt Live Skateboard Podcast get caught up here. Cast’s include Morgan Smith, Jed Anderson, Paul Liliani, JS Lapierre, Bobby De Keyzer, TJ Rogers, +



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