There’s a new snowboard show / kinda podcast thing in town called The Bootpack Show. Griffin Siebert outfitted his Utah basement into a little studio set that would make Wayne’s World jealous. First episode is jibber Jeremy Jones where they relive the glory days when people actually bought and went to snowboard premieres. The show is still finding its feet, but should prove to be quite entertaining once ol’ Siebert starts getting a little more hard hitting. A show w/ Jeremy Jones and no mention of Jeremy Jones pro war / Republican “KILL IRAQ” stickers on his snowboard back in the Bush days? Come on man.


“Welcome to The Bootpack Show! The first episode features Salt Lake City native Jeremy Jones in the basement at Griffin Siebert’s house. They discuss Jeremy’s evolution as a snowboarder, growing up in Utah, the Forum days, chasing down a bum to get his computer back and more. Subscribe for updates when each episode is released!”







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