It’s not New Years yet but the lists are already coming. Vaughn Deadly got deadly making a listicle that wraps up six of the biggest stories so far for Monster Children. Of course Steph Gilmore ended up on top as she won the champs for the 7th time.



6. Both defending World Champs vanished completely

Remember John John Florence and Tyler Wright? Me neither. They were Champions of the World just 11 short months ago, then they both disappeared (most likely abducted by aliens) and few people have given them a second thought since. Truth is JJF—the crust-eating curly-headed wunderkind with a crook neckbeard—got hurt trying an air in Bali back in June, and that smoked any chance of his winning a third consecutive crown (though he did manage to drop a banger of a clip called Space that’s well worth your time if you missed it). Tyler, meanwhile, caught the flu back in J-Bay which then morphed into a chronic fatigue-like illness that she’s still trying to overcome now. How fucked is that?




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