Dion Agius is always flipping the Internet on its head and leading the charge. This time around with the release of The Smiling Bag he is leading the charge by looking in the rearview mirror and not releasing the movie to stream on-line. The movie stars fellow nouveau cool dudes like Craig Anderson, Ryan Callinan, and Noa Deane. A few of the top clips can be seen above. Yet the great thing about The Smiling Bag is not single clips, but how the whole things flows together.

The premiere tour may have almost killed Dion, but now he is answering your emails to get your very own copy (of the download link).


“The whole purpose was to try and avoid having it STREAM online, and having it sent out as a USB or as a download puts in one more step in the process that helps make it feel a bit more substantial I think, and you get to keep it, and own it. The same as if you bought a VHS or DVD. It is yours. So, I would prefer it wasn’t uploaded, as it kinda loses that feeling.”


Click over to SURFING MAG for more ‘The Smiling Bag’ epicness or just his up Dion and get a copy to hold your own damn premiere party: dion@epokhe.com



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