Remember hearing all those wild stories from the emerica mansion days, which the team lived in during the ‘This Is Skateboarding’ hey day? Well the stories you heard weren’t the half of them. Reynolds and Greco were mostly pre-sobriety and all kinds of havoc went down. TM at the time Justin Regan who spearheaded the mansion movement relives some of the crazy times for Jenkem.



Were there any new things you learned about your roommates through living with them, like bad habits or weird daily routines?
I definitely realized how much of a recluse Heath is. He would come down from his room once or twice a day to make a frozen pizza and then disappear. He was a ghost. He’s the best roommate that you could possibly have because you’ll never know he’s there.

With Andrew, we got to know each other more personally. We were having conversations about his drinking and using because he was reaching the end of that, and at that time Jim was getting sober so there’s a lot of good constructive learning moments we were able to have.



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