Every snowboarders worst nightmare happened to talented SoCal snowboarder/surfer Brock Crouch a few months back. This one goes into detail on how it happened, how he survived, and how the injuries are healing up. Heavy!



So you had an exit plan.

Yeah. Every time you get to the top of a run, you should talk about an exit plan, you know? Shin is one of the best guides you could ever have. It knocked me around into a 180. I was just sliding down the hill already backwards. It was like a movie scene. I was looking at Cam and seeing him just go farther away from me. And then I remember… not the whole cornice, if the whole cornice broke it would’ve been a fifty foot crack… this cornice was so big. But I just remember seeing half of the cornice break below it, pretty close to Cam. Two 10- to 15-foot boulders fell off the cornice. At the time, I compared it to being in white wash surfing, it was just like that for the next… it felt like the next five minutes. I remember tumbling and rolling down.

It must have felt like forever.

That’s what it felt like. I felt like it was just going forever. I remember rolling around, being so lost and then I remember hearing my back break. Just so loud. It sounded like a video of you hearing your bone break. I fully remember hearing bones cracking. I mean being in an avy probably doesn’t help because it probably sounds like that already, but I fully remember a clear noise of crunching, you know? Falling and obviously hitting rocks… Luckily the heli pilot, right when he saw the first crack, turned his engine on. Before anyone heard on the radio, “Brock’s in it, Brock’s in it!” Two weeks before, our heli pilot, Josh, took a break because he was the pilot when a girl died up there. So, he came back out and was then in with this avy.
He was already ready, you know? He was so on it. I could not be here right now if it wasn’t for Josh. He was hovering above me the last fifty yards sliding and rolling down the slide, and he could see me when I stopped. He said the avy was so big that it kept coming and coming and he just watched me get buried. When all the debris settled, he landed and radioed to John and all those guys, “Alright, come to where he slid, just hug the right rock.” It was a huge chute but they were all good. John, Mark, Cam and Shin came down the chute that I slid down and just hugged the right side and picked up my signal…

They were within 30 meters so they were pretty close… they were all running and got it to 0, probed me second try, or first try… I think they got me second they said. And they started digging super fast.


That (concussion) could’ve been from any day with you, too. Haha.

Hahaha. Yeah, but I just remember getting to the bottom and it was all black and I just said three things. I though this is where I’m dying. I love my family. I love snowboarding. It’ll be a gift from god if I make it out of this one. And just being so calm and just shutting my eyes, like going to bed. And I was just like, I’m dead…




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Two photos stitched together and traced over by Brock to show the majority of his line while caught in the avalanche. p: Provided by Crouch



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