Would you look at that monster alley-opp! Noa Deane is on top of his game right now ladies and gentlemen. On the eve of the release of his latest, much anticipated edit “Head Noise”, STAB did up a little profile on probably the best all-round freesurfer out there right now. Noa opens up on the “Fuck the WSL” debacle that put him in a dark place for awhile, music, massive airs, lack of care, and much more.



“He represents everything people are crying out for,” Vaughan Blakey says, “He is a full-blown culture shifter, while everyone else is just trying to do a better trick. Noa is what people miss from the 80’s and 90’s. Noa is the anti-hero surfing needs right now.”

With Ozzie Wright, Noa’s landlord for a number of months a few years back had similar things to say, “First time I saw him surf – when he was real skinny and young – I thought he reminded me of Andy Irons and when I first saw him surfing. I just love the way he’s not all comp guy too, I find it way more interesting than watching a comp. He’s authentic, he knows who he is and he’s original, he has a lot of personality, he’s obviously not your cookie cutter kind of surfer.” 



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