Gossip Girl is back and today STAB is talking about surf sponsorship. Who’s on, who’s off, who’s making big money, who’s slapping those nose stickers on for free, etc.

RVCA is adding team, while Billabong is cutting everyone. Strange no, as are they not still the same company? Our guess is that surfers will ride for RVCA for a quarter of what they’d want from the Bong.



“What metrics do surf companies employ to determine the commercial value of a professional surfer? Historically, competition results and movie parts were the biggest value-adds, but in the Digital Age sponsors might be less concerned with heat results, and instead focused on, it would seem, double taps on the latest Instagram post. On engagement.

Image and sex moves product; good surfing doesn’t always translate to company sales. Just take a look at the unsponsored talent floating around (i.e., Laurie Towner, Josh Kerr, Lucas Godfrey), compared to the number of cut-copy, stickered-up super pre-teens chop-hopping their way through your local on the weekend.”



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