There’s not a lot that Gerhard Gross hasn’t done for snowboarding. He was an instrumental part of the early Whistler Gnarcore days, was a pro rider (even nabbing that insane SBC cover below), was a team manager, wrote about his passion for many media sources, became an editor at Snowboard Canada, then moved down to Cali to become the editor for TRANSWORLD SNOWboarding, always helping save the world with ‘Protect Our Winters’ in his spare time, then moved on up to lead the Dew Tour,… and those are just the titles I can think of off the top of my head. More important than any of this is that G is a beautiful person and dear friend and a fucking warrior. G truly loves snowboarding, the world, and especially his wife, and mini G!

Right now Gerhard and his family can use the support of snowboarding. He’s been battling cancer for over a year now and fellow boarders/friends have set up a GoFundMe for G and Kris and G4.

Cancer has been giving the snowboarding world a tough go over the past few years so lets put an end to it!



Click to GOFUNDME to help support true snowboarder Gerhard Gross + his family







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