Back before snowboard media was a 24/7/365 all you can feast on buffet, SUPERPARK used to be one of the most exciting events around. Every year it would execute some of the most creative park builds ever and create heroes. Its roots also come from Blackcomb and Big White, which helps its cause as well.

Snowboarder Mag’s little brain child really has done some big things since its humble beginnings back in 1997. They just broke the event down year by year and highlighted the top tricks, riders, parties, and more from each. It’s history goes real deep.


“As a counterpoint to traditional contests, Superpark forgoes bibs, start sheets and judges in favor of stacking clips on a rider’s own terms in an environment that isn’t made for TV. Rather, the features at Superpark are built to enable the best snowboarders on earth to ride better than they ever have before, and do so on their own terms. A huge part of the Superpark formula is safety and time and time again the notion that the right physics and pristine maintenance can make even the most exaggerated jump or jib somewhat docile is proven. 

Ultimately, the Superpark is in place to serve as a gathering of the freestyle faithful to celebrate the culture around feature and trick creation. Pros, photographers, filmers and various industry fixtures look forward to Superpark as a time and place where the team and crew cliques become one and riders from different countries and generations find common ground strapping in side by side and sending it.”

Pat Bridges


Click over to SNOWBOARDER MAG for the feature on the highlights and history makers of the last 20-years of Superpark.



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