Watching videos is one of the best ways to get stoked and to get better, but there is a limit you selfish deviant you! Jenkem rationalizes why we could all cut down on the screen time a little bit.




Flip’s Sorry is 50 minutes long, and I’ve watched that video all the way through at least 200 times since it came out. That’s 166 hours of viewing. I’ve also watched Sight Unseen (35 min.) at least 200 times (116 hours), Fulfill the Dream (44 min.) at least 150 times (117 hours), and Yeah Right!(71 min.) at least 100 times (118 hours). That’s 517 hours watching just those videos.

It only takes 480 hours to reach basic fluency in another language, so by my crappy calculations, had I spent all that time studying Spanish instead of rewatching those classics, I could be wooing women in Bogota or reading 100 Years of Solitude in its original text by now. I’m not even going to start adding up the infinite hours spent catching up on the latest content across the web and social media. That’s the kind of shame that’ll sink a modern man.



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