There’s a new skateboard website out there called Stoke Of The Week that is worthy of all your clicks. Although there is only one item up so far, it’s description seems like it is right up the alley of what we believe in at Board Rap. The site was whipped up by Adam Abada who writes all about skateboarding over at Monster Children so he knows what’s up

Inspired skateboard writing, are you into it?


About it:

This is a weekly blog about skateboarding clips that get me stoked. I define stoked as “actively made me want to go skateboarding while watching it.” I write about skateboarding elsewhere, so this is where I’ll post some [largely unedited] thoughts about things that don’t fit anywhere else that I think people should see. I try to stay away from mainstream stuff, – your Thrashers, your Berrics – that you may have already seen. Sometimes that stuff gets me stoked and I may write about them. I’m most interested in skateboarding as a tool for social consciousness and relating to the world.





Click over to STOKE OF THE WEEK for The LOVE Park Photographer and keep clicking back once a week for your stoke




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