As a true nerd of print magazines, especially those revolving around non-corporate surf/snow/skate mags, it’s way more informative to read an interview with a founder of a print magazine than any pro wave rider.

Today was my lucky day as the man behind Nordic Surfers Mag was put in the spotlight and had a few interesting thing to say about the state of the print industry. Basically, like many other cool endeavors, it’s run by passion not profit.

Both honorable and sad that it’s impossible to make a decent living off a great independent magazine. Let’s hope they all stay around forever. 


How Nordic Surf Mag did come to life?
I was surprised when I moved to Sweden to meet a very small but very genuine surf culture. Swedish are such exceptional human beings! We started to surf more and more together, and had some fine surf trip here and there.

​I had so many good times that I wanted to share those moments with people. Now, I feel lucky that those Swedish friends have always been part of the process and here to help. There would be Nordic Surf Mag without them. 

What is the concept of Nordic Surfers Mag?
The concept is to focus on 100% cold water surf. I started it 9 years ago. Our media is all about cold water scenes, exploring new waves in Scandinavia, in the Baltic Sea and everywhere pines trees replace palm trees.


How does it take to put an issue together ? How long last this process, and is it fun?
Well, I must say first that I do not publish Nordic Surf Mag to make a living. I have a job already, and NSM is run by pure pleasure. I release only two mags a year. I need this semester type of timing, since I get sick about how fast things are going on nowadays.


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