The story of the rise of SurfStitch and it’s incredible downfall is a Hollywood-like tale worth diving into if you aren’t familiar. Bought up (and down?) with it were brands and media like FCS, Magic Seaweed, and STAB, who was bought for a couple million a couple years ago and was recently sold. To who you ask? The very same people that sold it in the first place, owner Sam McIntosh and sales first mate Tom Bird.

Sam took over the keyboard at STAB to put the message out. In it he details the sale, running media in a public business, the ups and downs, and more. The interesting times for surf media are still on-going. Looks like STAB is making some big moves though as they also just hired a new Editor-in-Chief, the fabulous Ashton Goggans who’s work you’ve no doubt read before.


Click to STAB MAG for a message from the founder Sam McIntosh on the captains taking back over the ship.




@surfcore2001 Core Moments in Stab History πŸ”₯How Andy Irons Smoked The Momentum Generation 🚬 In 2002, the reign of the polished dome, white neoprene, acoustic fiddling Floridian was overthrown.✊🏻 A new emperor, in rising sun boardshorts, claims the throne… hoisted on the shoulders of wolfpak heavyweights as 'not many' by scribe plays in the distance πŸ‘‘ For three years the man-turn majesty ruled with impunity – taking boardshort length to new lows and competitive surfing attitude to all time highs. For too long, CT surfers had been avoiding Hail Mary end section floaters, neglecting the ancient art of the foam climb and the carving 360 πŸ”₯In the twilight of his reign, a young, quivering Stab writer had a meeting in the court our beloved king. πŸ“Έ@tsherms providing image of Saint Andrew, luxuriating in a cheeky choof on a Cuban, and an interview with enough truth bombs to warrant a trade embargo πŸ’£A Core-nerstone in Stab History πŸ—Ώ#kingandrewthefirst #manturnmajesty #foamclimbtime #howmanydudesyouknowrolllikethis #risingsunboardpants #choofincubans #mickeyavalon #scribe #coremomentsinasussmag #staunchlord #reignofcoresurfing #forsterseraASP

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