Probably one of my favorite powder shots ever taken of me by my talented friend @dbo_photo This was such an amazing day sledding last winter near Castle Peak. Danny had been eying this pocket all day and we set up to hit it at the end of the day. Danny directed me to slalom through these two ice chunks and the snow was so deep and light with just a bit of cross wind and backlight from the sun going down. I spent pretty much the whole winter riding the Catamaran Double swallow tail 166cm. It was so nice to finally ride the production version of this board after years of developing the hand-shaped prototypes. It’s truly a special board and there’s definitely nothing like it in the world. I’m so grateful to have to opportunity to develop these unique boards and extremely thankful to everyone who has supported us along the way by collecting a SB snowboard. 🙏🏻 . . #catameran #doubleswallowtail #experimental #springbreaksnowboarding #capitamfg #tahoe #powder

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Corey Smith is by far one of the most interesting/trail blazing snowboarders of the last couple decades. Although we may have lost him to LA for a minute there, he came back strong with the introduction of Springbreak Snowboarding that spawned a whole shift in the way we see the snow and hardgoods.

Here is a nice little chat with YoBeat by the legend Mike Estes about snowboarding, art, tattoo, and of course The Donut Shoppe! Described as, “a retail snowboard-artist-coffee consumption station and gathering spot of creative minds.” Keep your eyes peeled.



Why did you decide to have Capita absorb/buy Spring Break Snowboards? How did that come to be? Was there any arm wrestling involved?

I just want to be an artist and create, I don’t have any business trying to run a company. I can barely take care of myself ha! It’s a dream opportunity to align with the team at CAPiTA and since I’ve worked with them on and off for the past 17years it’s a perfect relationship.

How can someone get their hands on a “Kooks Only, no Locals” Tshirt or sticker? Did you come up with that phrase like everything else cool before it was cool in snowboarding or does someone else get the credit?

I think I came up with it but it was probably more of group thought from a night of drinking with the Spring Break crew. It basically just our frustration with the snowboard industry around 2010. We were just thinking wow, this sucks, the kooks have won. Snowboarding is a joke, there’s no cool brands, everything is terrible. So if it’s a Kooks world you might as well join them, hence “Kooks only no locals”.




Click to YOBEAT for the Hump Day interview with Corey Smith





I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. . . Pic: @robbiesell

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