Remember last winter when Board Rap posted up that SURFER and Surfing Mag were being consolidated and, since they are all owned by the same conglomerate, SNOWBOARDER Mag would also concede it’s print issues to TWSNOW. Well at the time we were accused of being ‘fake news’ even though we weren’t the one who wrote the below press release:


“Effective February 1, 2017, the consolidation of SURFER and Surfing will take place. The hope is to merge the two into the largest surf media brand. And because SURFER, established in 1960 has long been considered the “Bible of the sport” it will white whale Surfing, swallowing it whole, staff and all.

In addition to the Surfing/SURFER merger, print at Snowboarder mag will also be eliminated and their subscribers will shift over to TransWorld Snowboarding–the world’s largest Snowboarding brand. Also, Kayak and Canoe is culling their zine and going all digital, aligning with GrindTV’s Paddlesports Channel. RideBMX as well is going all digital while Transworld Skateboarding is continuing its focus on digital/video/events/social, investing their print product into a more premium experience and changing its frequency to six times a year.”


It seems now that this press release could be correct, it just had the date wrong. Still to be confirmed of course, but the above picture was slide into our DM’s from an industry insider. As you can read it says:

“… Snowboarder Magazine is ceasing its subscriber program. In place of Snowboarder in your mailbox you will receive the magazine that you are holding in your hands now – TransWorld SNOWboarding for the remainder of your subscription… “


Exactly what the shift away from print would look like according to original plans. So what’s really going on? SNOWBOARDER just released their XXX 30th Anniversary issue. Was that a going away party? Currently it’s available for free at core shops all over the country. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? Do less of a print run, no subscribers or newsstand, but still try to support brick-and-mortar shops. Shops and print gotta stick together in these strange times. So maybe #SnowboarderFreePress is the new distro model?

The effects of this of course will approximately double the circulation of TWSnow, which means that The Enthusiast Network is putting their focus on that title. Will they kill off SNOWBOARDER entirely like they did with Surfing Mag or stick with an experimental distribution plan on a smaller scale and stick with the digital push all season? Looking at the content side of things many of the Snowboarder staff has been doing some work on TWS, but not the other way around.

Just to be clear we hate the idea of losing Snowboarder or any print magazine as much as anyone, so hopefully this is only a change in distribution model. Though that’s not the best sign for the industry it would be better than losing their print all together. Most in the media industry always thought it has always been a ‘not if, but when’ type of situation. There should be an official PR soon now that those notes are going out to subscribers.

Will update this story as more information comes in…..



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