Surpassing the age of most pro snowboarders, SNOWBOARDER Mag has announced they are still going despite insiders at parent company The Enthusiast Network telling STAB magazine that the print side of SNOWBOARDER would be affected during the mass cull of magazine titles that included the death of SURFING, which started back in the 60’s.

This is fabulous news for everyone. Long live SNOWBOARDER (print) Mag!

Does it also surprise you that in a time of hugely decreased sales and spending that snowboarding can hold on to TWO print magazines under one roof, while surfing, which has a history many decades longer, has to axe a title? The surfing industry is greatly funded by the sale of tee’s, boardshorts, and shoes that have huge mark-ups and can be sold to anyone regardless if they actually surf. Snowboarding on the other hand is largely funded by the sinking sale of hardgoods that offer not much profit margin.

Just saying we are very lucky to still have two magazines, so show your support in any way you can because who knows how much longer this glory run can last.


This is a legacy that SNOWBOARDER is committed to building upon for decades to come. “I have been a part of the SNOWBOARDER Magazine family for a large part of its 30-year history, and I am just as eager to embark on paying tribute to this cannon in print this year as I am to bringing Superpark 21 to Mammoth this spring or releasing our fourth feature film with The Snowboarder Movie: Pepper this fall,” states SNOWBOARDER Creative Director Pat Bridges. “Just as snowboarding has evolved, so has media, and our ability to connect with an ever-growing segment of the riding community is something we are committed to doing in print, online, socially and with events for another three decades. And after witnessing Sven Thorgren and the rest of the riders send it last spring at Mammoth, I can’t imagine what we’ll be seeing at Superpark 51, other than me trying to handplant something with a walker!”


Click over to SNOWBOARDER MAG for more on their plans for turning 30.



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