sluggo 4

Sluggo is the King of Dragons!

The Dime “Glory Challenge” went down this weekend. It was an epic contest with beef preceding the World Championships of SKATE between Wade D and Jamal, the gangster challenge had glocks falling out of back pockets, and much much more. But we are here to pay tribute to the great one, Sir Robert Sluggo. If the skater having the most fun is the winner, then Sluggo should have walked away with the whole fuckin’ million $$$.

Head over to THRASHER for the full photo re-cap of an epic weekend. Long live Canada and long live Sluggo!

(photos: Dan Mathieu and Nathan Ethier-Myette)


sluggo 5

Sluggo kept it casual at the pre-party, but Sluggo’s chill is still more turnt than these other fanboys.


sluggo face close up

Let’s get a little closer. Wade who???


sluggo speed shades

Sluggo has a need for speed.


sluggo 3

Sluggo enters the gladiator ring to FSU for the ‘Red Dragons.’


sluggo 2

Sluggo preparing to bring the dragon.


sluggo handshake happy

Sluggo, breaking hands since ’89 and laughing about it.


sluggo on floor

Sluggo don’t sit in the stands. Sluggo sits on the course. Come on.


Sluggo… King of Dragons coming to Game of Thrones season 8.


sluggo shirt rip 1

Sluggo don’t need no shirt when doing backside rodeos into foam.


sluggo valdez tribute

Sluggo knows when to pay tribute to a legend. Valdez, Valdez, Valdez.


sluggo w boys

Sluggo sitting with two nobodies.