Boil The Ocean is always off on some wild tangent and here’s another dope one. We all remember when skaters like Mikey Taylor and Paul Rodriguez got filthy rich and brought along many of their friends to get almost as filthy rich with them when Saint Archer was sold. Now they, and even more friends, are trying to replicate the success with coconut water and other healthier options in Villager Goods.

We’re all rooting for them as pro boarding doesn’t pay the bills like it used to. All of us except Weckingball that is who is digging up dirt about coco water being made by monkeys or something and Kenny Anderson for one is not happy.

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It remains unclear whether fizzy drink conglomerates, facing the prospect that Coca-Cola could be taxed like tobacco, will one day make it rain upon Villager stakeholders such as Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds and AVE. But venturing into the prickly and volcanic dimension of consumer packaged food and beverages brings its own threats and perils, illuminated this week by skateboarding’s most enthusiastic heel, @Weckingball. The body-building Pupecki grinder linked Villager Goods to troubling reports that the world’s wealthiest coconut farms are powered by enslaved monkeys, forced to clamor up and down frondy palm trees without lunch breaks or paid time off. The explosive allegation was potentially poisonous to the meticulously curated and increasingly socially aware Instagram franchises of several name pros, and quickly drew a denial from Kenny Anderson.



Click to BOIL THE OCEAN for a look at the pro skateboarders who got rich on Saint Archer + the ones hoping to with Villager Coconut Water





Wow. This is unreal, brother. @shanejoneill

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