Skateboarding continues its dominance over the mainstream/underground streetwear/design/fashion/creative endeavors. Whatever the hell you wanna call it. Hypebeast just did up their annual Top 100 innovators featuring all the movers and shakers of today:

“Whether it be within art, music, sports, or entertainment, having a concise, creative vision is absolutely necessary in creating an authentic and consistent message amidst the volatile nature of the internet.

The following list honors the accomplishments of visionaries that have inspired the world, beyond the world of street culture and fashion. It encompasses those that have challenged our imagination through ever-advancing technology, and those that have provided social commentary through design and creative content.”


And on there is a whole bunch of either skateboarders or people who made their name within skateboarding. Including Alex Olson, Jason Dill, Jake Phelps (Thrasher), Brendon Babenzien (ex-Supreme), Gosha Rubshinskiy, Heron Preston, Skateboard P, Sk8Thing, James Jebbia (Supreme), Lev Tanju (Palace), Vincent Tsang (DimeMTL), and more.


Check out Hypebeast’s Top 100 Innovators now and act like you know.



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