Skate Legend Helped Tony Hawk Turn Himself Into a Billion-Dollar Franchise | Really?


Who ever thought this mega talented nerdy looking dude above would help helm an empire that’s made over $1.4 billion dollars. BILLION DOLLARS.

Is Stacey Peralta trying to take credit for it in this article from INC. like he seems to take credit for a lot of skateboarding in the movies he makes? Kinda seems like it’s more the author doing it than Stacey himself.

True, Stacey did play a huge influence in Tony Hawk becoming what he is today, successful entrepreneur and all, but it seems like Tony’s massive video game payout was a lucky day that even spawned it’s own documentary due to its success.

No one really deserved the payout more in skateboarding than good guy Tony!



“As Hawk got older and gained fame, Peralta helped him navigate the change from an unknown kid to someone everyone wanted to talk to. Peralta also showed him how the business world works. Peralta helped Hawk understand how to build a brand around his own distinct identity and taught him how to keep evolving for the next great opportunity.

“He gave us the blueprint on how to do it ourselves,” says Hawk.

In 1991, Hawk started Birdhouse, which is his board and apparel company with its own skate team. Hawk would eventually make a series of video games and a media company, too. His video game series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, has made over $1.4 billion through a licensing agreement with Activision.

“I emulated Peralta,” says Hawk. “With my own company Birdhouse, I wanted that same team-vibe, which I learned from Stacy.”

But the greatest thing Peralta gave Hawk was recognition exactly when he needed it as a young kid.”



Click to INC. for ‘How a Skateboarding Legend Helped Tony Hawk Turn His Passion Into a Billion-Dollar Franchise’




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