Skateboarding seems to be opening its arms more lately to foreign lands. Magenta is hot! Palace is hot! Dime is hot! Gosha Rubchinskiy from Russia is a fashion darling sold in Dover Street Market and is so hot that Jenkem accuses them of ripping off skating. The list goes on. But now Gosha has gone 100% skateboarding (according to them) by starting the brand PACCBET with Russian skater Tolia Titaev. The two of them did an exclusive interview with Kingpin that pairs up with their questionably FA / Hockey / Supreme-like promo video.


“Tolai, I have seen on your Instagram that Ben Kadow and Sean Pablo came to Russia. And I see you put Supreme stickers on your boards, and skate in Cons. How will PACCBET be different to FA or Hockey, or do they share a similar vibe? Do you see a connection between your aesthetics?

T: Yeah the guys were in Moscow. We are shooting a new editorial for Supreme here. 

It was nice, we had one session in one of skate plazas in Moscow. The kids were excited. Stickers are just stickers. I’m on the Cons Russia team. PACCBET is a Russian skate brand, we have our young team and our own vision of skateboarding. Jason Dill does a great job and at this point FA and HOCKEY already are big companies that we respect. They have legends on the team: Jason, Dylan, Andrew, Gino! But we don’t gave a big names like them. So we want do a story about Russia. Try to show to the world from our side. Tell our story about skateboarding and show that it is a big culture here. And support young talented skaters around.”


Click over to Kingpin for the PACCBET interview with Gosha Rubchinskiy & Tolia Titaev Interview