Ain’t no riding like in-bounds resort riding. Sure sidecountry is the shit and backcountry is even better, just more work, but a solid day catching sniper landings with a good crew can’t be beat. It’s easy and you get in about 100x more actual snowboarding. It harks back to the old days when entire snowboard videos were filmed just cruising around the local.

Here Arthur Longo with the camera help of Olivier Gittler show what’s possible with the S.H.E… that’s Side Hit Euphoria.


“This is Chapter one of Side Hits Euphoria. Oli (Gittler) and I have always wanted to showcase our favorite thing to ride, random poppers and stuff on the side of slopes. We spent some time this season capturing the treasures of the resorts. Check it out and have fun on any bit of snow you come across!”


Could resort riding be the next movement in snowboarding? Alongside turning it looks like snowboarding is coming back to the masses and fighting against the multiple cork only way of progression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s nice that riding can progress in multiple ways.




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