There might not be that much money in snowboarding compared to the glory days of the 00’s, BUT that only counts for the regular pro. Shaun White ain’t the everyday. He’s RICH! And he worked for it all so no complaining ya nerds. He’s flexing on about $45-million according to this article. How much is the second or third richest worth ya think? Maybe $5-mill?



“Thanks to his prodigy-level success in snowboarding (and skateboarding as well) at a young age, Shaun White has managed to juggle multiple lucrative endorsement deals since he just seven years old. As his name continued to grow thanks to taking home Olympic gold medals in 2006 and 2010, so did his major endorsement deals, and he took advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities in releasing his own line of video games and snacks, and purchasing a couple of commercial ski resorts. All of this has led to White being a multi-millionaire, with his net worth currently estimated to be somewhere between $40 millionand $45 million, taking home one fourth of that amount as his annual salary and another fourth estimated to be from endorsements.”



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