Shaun White Trades In His Sponsors Hoodies for High Fashion + Vans


Wanna know why Shaun White is a favorite around Board Rap? Because he truly gives no fucks. Most snowboarders pretend to not give any f’s, and outwardly it may seem so, but look closer. Nearly everyone is the same. They wear similar gear, have similar interests, complain about the same benign things, and play by the same unwritten snowboard industry ‘rules.’ Shaun left this all behind so long ago and snowboarders hated that he was the best competitive snowboarder and didn’t want to be apart of the whole gang and dressed in some (questionable) wild clothing.

Not that we’re dissing any of snowboard culture because we love it. But respect to not caring what it thinks about you.

So back to Shaun’s fashion. He was recently features in the Wall Street Journal talking about his worldy and expensive fashion interests. I’m not exactly sure who all his sponsors are right now but he definitely didn’t mention any of them. Instead dropping names like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hotel 1171, Hermès, Gucci, N. Hoolywood, Louis Vuitton, and Vans. Wait, VANS??? That’s right, multiple times for both his shoe and boardshort choice.

No, Shaun isn’t on Vans, but decided to give them $$$ of free advertising anyway. Maybe this is his subtle way of saying he wants on? Wild.

A snowboarder that knows how to dress and continues to do whatever he wants. If you’re rich and famous and running around the world with models and celebrities why do you wanna look like some silicon valley douchebag in a hoodie and a scratchy ass tee with a sponsor logo on it. Naw dawg, you want some LUXURY!

Yep, we still fucks with da Shaun White.


Click to the WALL STREET JOURNAL for: Snowboarder Shaun White on Trading Hoodies for Grown-Up Style



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