Over Shaun White mania yet? Well if his words in this Rolling Stone interview are to be believed we’re going to be seeing him all over the Olympic news again as a competitor in skateboarding 2020. Will be pretty wild if he can quality.



This year Air + Style showcased skateboarding for the first time. As an Olympic champion in a relatively recent action sport, what’s your take on skateboarding as a sport in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?
When this came about, everybody kind of turned to me, wanting to know what I thought was going to happen – Is the Olympics going to wreck skateboarding? Is it going to help it? What I do know is that when the Olympics embraced snowboarding, it gave legitimacy to so many people within the sport. When I was a kid, my school didn’t recognize snowboarding as a legitimate sport. They wouldn’t credit me with independent Physical Education, so I still had to run laps at school. Meanwhile, I’m out winning these major events and awards. So fast-forward to today, you can be a snowboarder and become an Olympic gold medalist – there’s a future in it. So I think it’s going to be a lot easier now, for a skater who wants to pursue a career in skateboarding, to tell their family to believe in them. Skateboarding being included in the Olympics might not mean as much to the competitors themselves, but it does to the world. And that’s one less obstacle to have to overcome.




Click to ROLLING STONE for the interview with Shaun White about Gold’s, Air + Style, skateboarding 2020, his worst bail, and more






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