Canada and Russia have much in common when it comes to skateboarding. We’re talking about months and months of winter deep freeze and the creative ways skaters get around them. 200km outside Moscow there is a rad place called the ‘Skate House.’ Absurd skateboards went to go check it out. How rad is the Russian skateboard scene!



These photos were shot during Absurd Skateboards’ trip to the ‘Skate House’ in Nikola-Lenivets – a unique ‘wonderland’ nature reserve located 200km outside of Moscow that hosts a mix of artist workshops, festivals and art sculptures.

The ‘Skate House’ is an installation created by the Alycha Art Group in conjunction with Tcekh Skateparks to represents the synthesis of a countryside cottage and a skate spot.



Click to MEDIUM SKATE MAG for the trip to Russia’s ‘Skate House’ w/ Absurd Skateboards

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