The US government is out of control and trying to pull all kinds of shady shit like destroying the planet, but also destroying the Internet as we know it.

Do you like the Internet? Do you like being in control of what websites you go to and accessing them without issues?

Well then you’d better get educated….



“See, the FCC wants to repeal net neutrality. What’s net neutrality? Well, it’s the idea that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet the same and not charge differently by content, website, platform, whatever. It’s what makes the internet a level playing field. And it’s a very good thing.

Want to know what a world (well, this only pertains to the United States but just stick with me) would look like without it? Imagine this: We release a new mag for free (just like what we did with our latest issue) but there’s only 150 copies. Eager, you jump on to your laptop to get to our web store. However, you’re stuck looking at a loading screen because Verizon, Comcast, or whoever it is providing your internet refuses to let our site load at optimal speeds. Why’s that? Well, because we’re unwilling (but mostly unable) to pay internet service providers (ISPs) big dollars for premier New York Times, Google, or YouTube levels of access. Thirteen minutes later you finally make it in and are about to add the issue to the cart. But then, a wild pop-up appears. It reads: “Looks like you’ve used up all your allotted web time for the month! Either pay us $9.99 for another 20-minutes of usage or get fucked!” or something like that. Reluctant, you click the “pay now” button. Then, 19-minutes later, you finish typing in your shipping info only for that carcinogenic pop-up to plague your screen again. Nowhere to go, you fork over more money while also muttering a string of profanities. Then you get back to the web store only to realize all the issues got snatched up while you were dealing with your ISP.”



Click to WHAT YOUTH and learn how to save the Internet as we know it!


Click to JENKEM for a look at the FCC’s attempt to make us pay for skateboarding + porn





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