Emerging like a full blue blood moon out snowboardings carving, carving, carving movement of the last few seasons is Arthur Longo’s S.H.E movies. Better known as in-bound resort riding Side Hits Euphoria. Now nothing against carving, but damn ain’t side hits wayyy more exciting to watch. Time to take those local side hits to the second landing!



Resort riding, side hits, random stuff on the slopes… Same story as the first chapter. Oli and I filmed everything we found on our way during our last snowboard trips in December. We rode around Vancouver, Mount Seymour, Laax and Arêches-Beaufort. Thank you for watching and have fun riding!

Made by: Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo

Filmer: Olivier Gittler



Click for last seasons SIDE HITS EUPHORIA from Arthur Longo





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