Rodney Mullen + Tony Hawk Lecture Business Nerds | “You might even learn how to pop an ollie… or some new tricks + methodologies to apply to your own applications + creativity.”


We’ll never sicken of hearing Rodney Mullen express his genius to people that have no idea who he is. Tony gives a pretty decent talk too, so here’s a two for one. “To make the familiar strange.” That’s creativity coming from Rodney. Love that.



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Dianna Cowern grew up in Hawaii, surfing and nurturing a supersized curiosity about pretty much everything—a rare gift, in itself. From music to snowboarding to the inner workings of atoms and stars, she threw herself into it. Armed with a brilliant mind, she earned a physics degree from MIT in 2011. Faced with the decisions of narrowing focus to work in a lab, she wrestled with having to confine the very curiosity that got her there. As an outlet, she started making science videos while working as an app developer at GE, earning top prize at SUNY Stony Brook. Soon, Scientific American took note, and PBS came knocking. A friend connected us (YEAH Chris!), and we shot an episode recently for her channel, @thephysicsgirl. Dianna’s grinning, self-effacing humility makes these videos a treat.

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