Just a few of the thousands of sources remembering a great one. There was no shortage of love out there for Dillon Ojo.



One of the most charismatic and talented riders to emerge over the last decade, Dillon Ojo, passed away in the early hours of Friday June 29th, 2018. Though his tenure in the snowboarding spotlight ended far too soon, there is no denying the indelible mark Dillon made on those who knew him or were inspired by his abilities. Ojo’s meteoric rise began with a win in the pro division of the 2011 Ride Shakedown when he was still only 16. Within a few seasons Dillon had veered away from contests to channel his prodigious jib abilities into a prolific output as a film pro with standout segments in Snowboarder Magazine’s Foreword, Deja Vu’s Encore, Nowamean’s Bangarang and Pigeye as well as Vans celebrated Landline team video which was released last January. More than a persona, today snowboarding lost a person, one who’s stoke and smile will be missed more than his skill or style. The thoughts and prayers of myself and of Snowboarder Magazine’s staff go out to Dillon’s friends and family. – Pat Bridges



From TWSnow.

“Those who make the most impact are the ones who do things differently. Be it in art, music, literature, skating, snowboarding, or really anything at all, it’s the people who put their own take on their craft that stand out. They’re the ones we remember most. Dillon Ojo is one of these types. He is snowboarding’s new wave. ”






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