Tired of the easy schoolyard humor of Instagram accounts with the word ‘Kook’ in the title? Well head for the hi-brow satirical comedy of Rinsed Magazine.

Surfline, with pulse on all things upcoming and cool (that’s a joke), interviewed the boys behind Rinsed. Give them a follow and get some laughs at your own expense.



Surfline: How and when did this whole Rinsed thing come about?

Rinsed: As hangers-on to the World Tour, we were involved in a professional capacity and felt we had an insider’s scoop on what was going on in the surfing world. But the surf media is like that old, angry guy losing his marbles in the lineup; Rinsed is that five-year-old getting pushed into the waves on his foamy, just having the time of his life, unimpeded by sponsorship or athletic goals. We only started a couple weeks ago, but it comes after years, if not a lifetime, of disenchantment with the way that the surf industry was run. We feel that they’re incapable of self-reflection. So we hope to shine a light on the subjects that the mainstream surf media is afraid to touch on. We hope to bring a new voice to the culture, shake things up a bit and have a lot of fun.

No offense, but in terms of mission statements, that’s pretty derivative. Sounds like every failed surf magazine over the last quarter-century.

Yeah, we’re lazy, but we’ve run a couple different assessments in our head and have come to the conclusion that surf publications’ biggest problem is their inability to adapt to the current day. We see ourselves as the new school.



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