Oh the places you'll go. #abandoned September 2nd @viceland

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Canadian all-star Rick McCrank is back with a new show for VICELAND called Abandoned. A brief synopsis would be to say he explores America’s forgotten places and the people who call them home. But knowing Cranker it’s going to go much deeper as he told THRASHER:

What other skills did you need to hone to make this show? 
Talking to strangers in general. Dude, I’m an introvert with some social anxiety so I don’t naturally chat with people I don’t know. That was really hard for me. Sometimes we would just talk with people in the streets and it took a lot of courage for me to do that. One time I didn’t even do it. Alex said, “Hey, go talk to that guy,” and I froze and said, “I can’t. I’m sorry but I just can’t.” I was so mad at myself for that, for letting down the team. In the end it’s a crucial skill that I learned and has made me a better person. I can honestly say that this show has made me a better person. I’m so happy we made it and I’m super proud of what we’ve achieved. 

So don’t accused him of being just another white hipster fetishizing and capitalizing on the misfortune of others, with a skateboard an expensive Leica and fancy Lakai tennis shoes. He’s much, much more. The first episode of ABANDONED is called ‘Ghost Mall’ and is pretty damn cool…


Head over to THRASHER + read Rick McCrank’s interview and watch Episode 1 of Abandoned.


Tubes @mccranker while touring an abandoned nuclear plant. Tomorrow 6pm @viceland

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